The visit to Kerala, God’s own country

During the last 2 years of our stay in Bangalore, we visited several famous tourist destinations around it. Starting from the local charm, Nandi Hills, to beach lovers paradise Goa. Didn’t miss any. We saw the winter of Ooty and Coonoor. Crawled the Nilgiris on the the Nilgiri Mountain Railway. We spent one of our summer vacation in Madikeri, Coorg. The list is pretty impressive, isn’t it. And it goes on.

  However, we were yet to visit the crown jewel of Southern India. Well, it definitely deserved some special  arrangements like long vacation etc. And most importantly, to visit a vast and diverse place like this, one needs to be mature enough with his/her travel experiences. After all, it’s the God’s own country, Kerala.
  The vastness and diversity of the landscape and life in Kerala is so huge, that you need to time everything perfectly. There are famous wildlife sanctuaries that needs a touch of the summer to churn out life. The hill stations look misty and heavenly during the winter. Well, the beaches, don’t really need any specific season; but winter is more enjoyable around the beaches.
  After all the calculation, we chose early February as the perfect time for us to visit Kerala. Our trip duration was from 8th of Feb, 2013 to 15th of Feb, 2013. We left Bangalore during the early hours of 8th Feb and came back by the early evening of 15th Feb. As always, our good old Sparky(Chevy Spark) was our chariot.
  Our trip to Kerala was amazing, out of this world, breathtaking and memorable. To express everything in detail, we decided to divide our blog post on Kerala into a bunch of posts, much like what we did for our Goa trip.
  Here they are. These links are laid out in the chronological order, just the way we actually visited different places in Kerala.
 Miscellaneous information bout the trip:
  • Overall route:- Bangalore->Salem->Dindigul->Theni->Munnar->Periyar->Trivandrum->Kovalam->Alappuzha->Kochi->Kozhikode->Mysore->Bangalore.
  • Time of Travel:- February 8, 2013 to February 15, 2013.
  • Transport:- Our good old sparky(Chevy Spark).
Here are some of the photographs from our trip:
Chinese fishing nets, Kochi
Sunset at Kovalam Beach
Top Station, Tamilnadu(near Munnar).
Periyar Lake, Thekkady
Alappuzha Shikara Ride, Alappuzha



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